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The most pressing issue for anyone who is applying for disability benefits is access to healthcare.  Below are links that may help you find medical care. Some are free, and some are low cost.

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You can locate a federally qualified health center (FQHC) near you. They provide a variety of medical and psychiatric services on a sliding fee scale.  Contact the FQHC to see how they can help you.


You may be eligible for free services in your county from the Indigent Healthcare Programs in your area.  Scroll down and click on “Find your local office” to review a directory showing where you can go in your county. You can also use the “Eligibility Criteria” link to see the requirements for eligibility.  There is residency, financial, and other requirements that must be met and you must contact your local office to apply.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Texas is for people who want to find and keep a job.  Use the link to see what services are available, if you qualify, and where and how to apply. A person who applies for disability can also apply for vocational services, but they are separate processes. In other words, you have to apply for each at separate offices.  


See what Texas Public Benefits are available in Texas.  For example, Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, etc.


To see what Federal Public Benefits may be available to you. Once on that website, click on "Benefits" at the top and then click on "Benefits Finder."

For free legal services in civil matters like divorces, evictions, foreclosures, and other civil legal problems, in East Texas contact Lone Star Legal Aid

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