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Consumer alert: Thieves are stealing VA and social security benefits from retirees, disabled

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

"INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Thieves are stealing government benefits paid to hundreds of retirees, veterans and even those on disability. $500,000 has already been taken. 13 Investigates shows you what happened to an Indiana veteran and why she and others are taking legal action to protect their money.

Protecting the nation became Jennifer's Kreegar's sole mission when she joined the Army in 1989.

From basic training at Fort Meade to the Department of Defense, Kreegar spent part of her Army career working at the National Security Agency.

That's the same agency in charge of U.S. cybersecurity.

Intelligence data is collected at the NSA to help the government counter foreign and domestic threats.

Now, 15 years after going on V.A. disability, Kreegar is back home living on her family's farm in Middletown.

Weeks ago she made a startling discovery the day after her monthly disability check was deposited."

"All my funds were withdrawn," she revealed.



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