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ETDA provides representation to people applying for disability benefits, including adult and childhood applicants for Disability Insurance Benefits and Supplemental Security Income. Each person undergoes an interview that considers their age, education, work experience, and medical history to assess the likelihood of success. Fees are paid only if the client’s case is accepted for representation, they are found disabled, and they are entitled to past-due benefits.

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Stephen D. Crane

Non-Attorney Representative

East Texas Disability Advocates LLC (ETDA) is a local, for-profit entity providing high quality services to individuals applying for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration (SSA).  ETDA was incorporated as an LLC in early 2012. Our success has allowed the company to grow. The ETDA staff serves the disabled in creative ways through a web-based case management system that allows us to work anywhere. Our mission is to provide accessible, effective advocacy in a compassionate manner that exceeds the client’s expectations.


ETDA has a dedicated team of employees providing timely and effective services. Janet Pickett is the lead case manager with years of experience helping the mentally ill and working with disabled people through the SSA’s disability process. Her reputation with local agencies and her experience help our clients to answer questions,  troubleshoot problems, and keep the application on track. Our support staff is courteous and helpful to clients. We believe that returning client calls is important. We strive to return calls the same day or within 24 hours.


Dealing with the SSA can intimidate individuals overwhelmed with the reality that they are no longer able to work. While the SSA has made great strides to make the “system” work efficiently for claimants, individuals are well-served with a representative who is familiar with SSA’s rules and procedures.  A knowledgeable representative can effectively navigate a claimant through the bureaucratic maze.


East Texas is a large territory and ETDA represents claimants from as far west as the Ft. Worth to as far east as the Louisiana border.  As far north as the Oklahoma border and as far south as Houston. Some clients move out of state and even out of the country, but ETDA can still represent you.

Steve Crane is a non-attorney representative with over thirty years experience handling disability cases before the SSA.  Mr. Crane has handled hundreds of appeals and hearings over the years. He passed the certification exam required by the Social Security Administration and is certified for Electronic Direct Pay Non-Attorney (EDPNA). He is a member of the National Association for Disability Representatives, a professional organization for non-attorneys and attorneys whose specialty includes representing claimants in their application for disability benefits.


As a non-attorney, who is an EDPNA, he is required to meet yearly professional continuing education requirements. He works on a contingency fee basis and is limited to a fee not to exceed twenty-five percent of all past due benefits to which the claimant and their dependents may be entitled.

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